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BK 2004 black now 144"
(12 feet long)
offers more options for
larger windows and
less waste when figuring
the amount of BondKap
needed for a job!




International Window
   Film Association

  Southeast Glass


Applying security film to your glass and creating a bond from the glass and film to the window frame is a highly regarded security measure in retrofitting the existing glass area in your home or facility. The use of silicone structural glazing sealant is by far the preferred anchoring method to ensure a more complete bond under a variety of anchoring applications. There has been some reluctance in using silicone by many technicians because it can be time consuming and difficult to make an aesthetically appealing bead and for that bead to meet the desired installation criteria.
Now BondKap has been independently tested and proven to assist structural adhesives in bonding security film to the window or door frame!

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