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BK 2004 black now 144"
(12 feet long)
offers more options for
larger windows and
less waste when figuring
the amount of BondKap
needed for a job!




International Window
   Film Association

  Southeast Glass


  To place an order or if you would like more information please call
  813.926-8721    Toll Free  888.212-9375
  or Fax 888.288-8044

  or contact us by email sales@filmfastener.com

  or use the contact form below

  Why can't I order online?

  There are so many variables with shipping that it does not lend itself
   to online orders.

  We offer a free cut down service to help offset the cost of shipping.
  The longer a package the more it costs to ship.

  FedEx and UPS have changed the oversize limits for shipping.
  An average container under 95" ships for around $35
  An average container from 96" to 106" ships for around $140
  An average container from 107" to 118"(max) ships for around $240



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