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   Applying security film to your glass and creating a bond from the glass and film to the window frame is a highly regarded security measure in retrofitting the existing glass area in your home or facility. The use of silicone structural glazing sealant is by far the preferred anchoring method to ensure a more complete bond under a variety of anchoring applications. There has been some reluctance in using silicone by many technicians because it can be time consuming and difficult to make an aesthetically appealing bead and for that bead to meet the desired installation criteria.

Figure 1: Proper application of a triangular bead as specified by Dow Corning*

   When the technician prepares for the installation of the silicone he must mask the area where the bead is to be applied assuring the correct amount of material will contact the film and the window frame. He must then apply the silicone in a continuous bead then smooth the silicone with a tool. After great care is taken he can remove the masking and hope the customer likes the appearance of the wide bead of silicone on their window.

   The BondKap System assures the silicone has the correct amount of contact to both surfaces and leaves a very finished appearance. During the application no tape or tooling is required. The technician measures the opening, marks the area to be cut with the corner template and cuts the BondKap. He then applies the silicone and presses the BondKap in position. The BondKap will self center and any silicone that oozes past can be easily cleaned up with a plastic razor blade and cleaner. This will leave an original manufactured look with mitered corners and no need to worry about someone touching the silicone and tracking it around the facility.

Figure 2: BondKap maintains the bead as specified by
Dow Corning

   The BondKap System assures the shape and contact area as specified by GSA criteria and window film manufactures specifications. Testing has proven The BondKap Attachment System passed independent testing for adhesion and durability from a potential cyclic event as well as an increase in the strength if the silicone to hold the glass and film in place by as much as 45%.

*As Specified in Dow Corning TechTalk, Form No. 62-768-01


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